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How can I stats sparkline with percentile like p50, p90, p99?


There are logs with contents like [{timestamp: xxx, duraton: 5,  url: "/foo1", status: 200}, {timestamp: xxx, duraton: 7,  url: "/foo2", status: 200}, {duraton: 6,  url: "/foo1", status: 200}...]

I'd like stats the throughput and latency with sparkline. Now I can get the avg sparkline, however, if there is a way to get the p50 sparkline, p90 sparkline or so, the avg latency sparkline might not be helpful enough.
Sample query is like below. 

...  earliest=-1d@d latest=@d | stats
    sparkline(count, 5m) as throughput,
    sparkline(avg(duration), 5m) as latency,
    count as total_requests,
    p50(duration) as duration_p50,
    p90(duration) as duration_p90,
    p99(duration) as duration_p99

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I would like to have sparklines for percentiles too. The aggregate functions documentation (Aggregate functions - Splunk Documentation) suggests percentile functions (exactperc<percentile>, perc<percentile> and upperperc<percentile>) can be used with sparkline like the following, however I get the error 'Error in 'stats' command: Invalid aggregation function for sparkline.' when I try to use it.

... | stats ... sparkline(perc95(duration), 5m) as duration_p95 ...

I have resorted to having sparklines for max, avg and min and calculating overall percentile values like the following:

... | stats sparkline(max(duration), 5m) AS duration_max,
perc95(duration) AS duration_p95_overall,
sparkline(avg(duration), 5m) AS duration_avg,
sparkline(min(duration), 5m) AS duration_min



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That's because stats doesn't do sparklines. You can use sparkline with chart command or some dashboard elements.

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