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How can I extract a full list of usernames and associated emails from Splunk?

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I'm trying to determine how I can export a full list of usernames and email addresses - can anyone advise?

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It would be really helpful to include more information in your question. For example, where are the user names and email addresses? What format do you want to export them in? Does it matter where the file goes, or does it need to show up on your laptop?
What are the field names?

But I am going to assume that you want to create a CSV file based on the results of a search, and that you want the CSV file to be exported to your laptop. Try this:

| table usernames email
| dedup usernames email
| sort usernames

When the search finishes, if it looks like what you want, click the Export button (just below the timerange picker, it is a small down-arrow). Choose CSV for the format and give the file a name. Click the green Export button and so on.

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