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I have two different kinds of events. I would like to relate the two. The first event looks like this.

[2012-02-02 20:17:51,931] INFO - sessionId=8AD487DD-DB3F-4C3E-AB9A-302ABF05E6FC code=NewsStandPushNotificationReceived externalSignInStatus=true

The second looks like this.

[2012-02-02 20:18:03,050] INFO - sessionId=8AD487DD-DB3F-4C3E-AB9A-302ABF05E6FC code=NewsStandPushCompleted startedBackgroundDownload=true

I would like to find all the sessionIds where startedBackgroundDownload=false from the second event and externalSignInStatus=true from the first event.

I think I would be able to do this with a subsearch, but nothing I've tried has resulted in anything but 0 matching events. Can anyone help me with a subsearch that would do what I need?

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A transaction based on sessionID might a better solution :

yourinitialsearch | transaction sessionId startswith="externalSignInStatus=true" endswith="startedBackgroundDownload=false" 
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