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Help with extraction of field created at index time?



Testing an index'd time field extraction in a test environment. It SEEMS to have worked, but randomly the field I am extracting ( pool ) just disappears from search results.

That is if I just search, pool is extracted the 400 or so times I expect. But once I try and USE that field it's simply missing except for one host. The other 400 in the test setup are not getting extracted.

Heavy Forwarder has this

REGEX = slcs\d\d(...)\d\d\d
FORMAT = pool::"$1"

TRANSFORMS-indextimepooltransform = pool_transform


Search Head has this


Indexer has this


Any idea why the field would sorta.. disappear randomly.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Depending on your version of splunk, you have to have fields.conf in your indexer (6.5 or below)

From 6.6 this is taken from the search head:

Also, make sure that if you're using a seperate app to deploy your fields.conf, that it's shared outside the app using the metadata files.

export = system

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Not sure i understand the scenario. When you say it's there if you just search the data, you mean like you search index=whatever and the results have the pool field extracted?

And when you say USE it, you mean like index=whatever | table pool .... or something like that? And there's nothing there?

which version of splunk?

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