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Help tracking average completion time of a process in Splunk

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Below I have sample data from a process that Blue Prism outputs during each event in a process. I am trying to create a time chart that tracks how long it takes each process to run. What I need is some sort of chart that has different colored lines for each process. However, I cannot quite get that to work.

   currprocessid: a2672568-5faf-4ebe-a3d8-d16542fb7a96
   currprocessname: Auto Payoff
   currprocesstype: 0
   eventId: endProcess
   mainprocessid: a2672568-5faf-4ebe-a3d8-d16542fb7a96
   mainprocessname: Auto Payoff
   pageid: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
   pagename: Main Page
   resourceName: computer1
   sessionNumber: 110995
   sessionid: 8dce2381-0db4-4e69-a15e-0b84091ee489
   stageid: 47648a05-b3e4-452d-a374-c6f156abc86c
   stagename: End2
   when: 2019-10-01T11:56:56.1005506Z

This is the search I have:

index="rpa"  | stats earliest(_time) AS earliest latest(_time) AS latest BY sessionid  | eval duration = tostring((latest-earliest), "duration")

This is obviously not correct as it's not populating the data properly.

The Y-axis would have the time in minutes, while the X-axis would be by date. The lines in the graph would be by the average sessionid completion time by mainprocessname.

I hope this makes sense.

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as a fun note, you can use range to calculate duration. It will not format it, but in a chart, you will need it as a number, not a string.

you also mention you want this by date, which I don't see in the query provided.

something to get you started might be:

|stats range(_time) as duration max(_time) as _time by sessionId
|eval duration_min=round(duration/60,2)
|timechart avg(duration_min) as avg_duration_min by sessionId
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Thank you, I’ll give this a try tomorrow.

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