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Help Ungrouping Time Range on event search

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Hi everyone,

I have found this search for GlobalProtect on PaloAlto Networks App, The information showed its really usefull, the only problem I have it's. How do I show receive_time or time of the log on the Results.

| tstats summariesonly=t latest(log.event_id) AS latest_event, values(log.agent_message) AS log.agent_message, values(log.src_ip) AS log.src_ip count FROM datamodel="pan_firewall" WHERE nodename="log.system.globalprotect" """" groupby _time log.event_id log.user

when i erase the * time* field, this colum disappear, and if I try something like values(log.receivetime) it doesn't show any information.

I just want to show the time without a groupby cause this groups all the logs to 30 mins time all logs example; 10:00 am - 10:30 am.

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