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Graphing network I/O over _time on a timechart, how to create an overlay to highlight a specific period in _time value?

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I'm graphing out network I/O over _time on a timechart (Area Chart). Is there any easy way to have an overlay to highlight a specific period in _time? For instance, if I have a constant value of "6", it would highlight "YYYY-mm-06 00:00:00" to "YYYY-mm-06 23:59:59" sections on the graph output (top to bottom regardless of the max-values of network I/O) whenever the _time contains the day value of "6"?

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You could use a case statement on the day field to add a new. field with a value just for that day and add that value to your your graph. Then use use splunks native overlay to display the line.

index = _*  |  eval hr=strftime(_time, "%H")| eval hl=case(hr==12, -1 ) | timechart span=15m   dc(sourcetype), max(hl)

There are a number of D3 viz hat might work to, need some JavaScript skill to go that way.

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