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Getting Search Results using Java REST API


Am i right to say that the results derived from the Splunk search is returned as XML by default?
I was using the Java Splunk REST API to get the results.

This is the code that i used :

InputStream dataStream = job.getResults();

Does this input stream data contain XML?

I attempted to output the data as XML file using Java but sometimes I can view the XML file and most of the time i ran the same Splunk search using Java and when i view the xml file on the browsers, I saw the message that says something like XML must have a top level element and sometimes there is a blank space on the browser and the windows notepad.

What is the cause of this problem? I need an answer urgently!!!!!

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@misteryuku & @psanford_splunk could you please help me in writing a java code to export search results in json format..i have tried the above method but still failing to get the result.

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Splunk Employee

Hi - You can set the output_mode on your results to json, xml, csv. Take a look at this code that sets the output mode to JSON.

Job job = service.getJobs().create("search index=twitter | head 5");

    while (!job.isDone()) 
           catch (InterruptedException e) {}


    Map<String, Object> outputArgs = new HashMap<String, Object>();
    outputArgs.put("output_mode", "json");

    InputStream stream = job.getResults(outputArgs);

    InputStreamReader reader = new InputStreamReader(stream);
    OutputStreamWriter writer = new OutputStreamWriter(System.out);

    int size = 1024;
    char[] buffer = new char[size];


    while (true) {
        int count = reader.read(buffer);
        if (count == -1) break;
        writer.write(buffer, 0, count);

    catch (Exception e) {}

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