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Hello there 😉


So, I've extracted from the log, using rex, the time, called OSY_time and each individual slow query, called Query.

I want to get from here a graphs that shows the top 20 queries, for average time, in a specified time range.

| eval seconds = tonumber(trim(OSY_timing)) | streamstats avg(seconds) as sec_avg by Query |sort -sec_avg | top 20 sec_avg

What I want to get is in x axis the query, and in Y the avg_time.

How can I do that?

Thanks for any reply 🙂

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hi @marco_carolo,

Try this and select Visualization.

| eval seconds = tonumber(trim(OSY_timing)) | stats avg(seconds) as sec_avg by Query |sort -sec_avg | head 20 | table Query, sec_avg


If this reply helps you, a like would be appreciated.

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