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Geostats Not showing Data with Zero Counts

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I have a query that returns  Location(Location number, Lattitude, Longitude) and I have calculated the number of an event for the Location number.

in my Splunk query the calculated_count is calculated and displays correct value with a Location number, Lattitude Longitude


Location_Number    calculated_count      Lattitude  Longitude

10                                   300                          44.26         88.39

20                                   0                              44.10         88.40

30                                   400                          72.26         81.39


When i run geo stats as below, I do Not get data on MAP for Location 10 where calculated_count==0.


|geostats latfield=Longitude longfield=Longitude sum(calculated_count) byLocation_Number globallimit=0 maxzoomlevel=10


It plots all but the records with ZEO values. Tried looking on the forum and document but could not find anything. Please suggest

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Loves-to-Learn Everything

Noticed the geostats does not give me result if 

calculated_count ==0.

If i set to 1, it returns all results.



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