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I have a search which looks at rare events in Windows Event Logs and provides output shown below.

source="winevtlog:security" EventCode=4688 | rare limit=50 New_Process_Name


I've been unsuccessful in filtering these results further, such as searching for programs running from a Temp folder, or other non-standard folders. Looking under the 'match_regex(input, pattern)' section in the https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/DSP/1.2.1/FunctionReference/Stringmanipulation documentation has one example, but I'm not able to figure out how to modify the example to fit my search. For example, reducing the search to only show VMware processes. Below is an attempt I made, which gave me: Error in 'where' command: The expression is malformed. An unexpected character is reached at '/VMware/);'.

source="winevtlog:security" EventCode=4688 | rare limit=50 New_Process_Name | where match_regex(cast(New_Process_Name, "string"), /VMware/);

The documentation mentions using the RegEx Start and End characters ^ $, but I get the same error listed above.  I've looked at several other posts here below, but haven't been able to find a good example that fits.




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Are you doing this in a search or dashboard query? If so, try it like this

source="winevtlog:security" EventCode=4688 | rare limit=50 New_Process_Name | where match(New_Process_Name, "VMware")
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