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I have these info messages popping up in my splunk install every couple of seconds

09-25-2012 09:37:40.378 -0500 INFO  WatchedFile - File too small to check seekcrc, probably truncated.  Will re-read entire file='/logging/syslog-ng/everything'.
09-25-2012 09:37:40.378 -0500 INFO  WatchedFile - Will begin reading at offset=0 for file='/logging/syslog-ng/everything'.

But the file that it is monitoring is growing nicely. Sooooo why?

Is it really re-reading the file every couple of seconds? It's a huge file; 14 gig+

Running splunk 4.3.4.

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Same issue here.
Same error message, on a file that is 4Go+.

Any idea ?

Running splunk 4.3.2

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