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Fields with '=' as value stored in summary index are not extracted


I am storing a certain dataset in summary index which has some events with fields where the values are '=' or '=='. When searched, these events does not such fields. 

I managed to replicate this by doing this,

| makeresults 
| eval testval1 = "="
| eval testval2 = "=="
| eval testval3 = "-"
| eval testval4 = "--"
| eval testval5 = "*"
| eval testval6 = "/"
| table testval*
| summaryindex index="a_summary_index" name="testval"
which returns,


index="a_summary_index" source="testval" 
| table testval*




(where the testval1 and testval2 are null). The raw event looks like this,



testval1="=", testval2="==", testval3="-", testval4="--", testval5="*", testval6="/", testval7="+", testval8="++"



The sourcetype is by default (as all other configurations) is stash.

Field extractions configuration is,


DELIMS = ",", "="
MV_ADD = true
CLEAN_KEYS = false


I was wondering if there will be any implications on other search features if the above stanza is modified (since this is default configuration). Any feedbacks or suggestions are much appreciated.

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