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Field Extractions tutorial or recommended documentation?

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I want to extract 3 fields from this line

Create "/juanpablo/files/Splunk Info/universalforwarders.pdf" with fileid: 5242 by user ****, displayName , owner: juanpablo [CLIENT_IP:] [USER_AGENT: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh) mirall/2.4.1 (build 9367)]

The fields will be "Action" "File" and "InternalUser"

The Action is Create, Read, etc, the File field content is the path between "" and the InternalUser field content is what comes after the "by user" string.

Where can I learn how to properly extract 3 fields using the extractor and RegEx option?

The problem I find is that there can be different values after "by user" string and some of them are just IP addresses when the one that creates the file is an external (ownCloud) user.

I don't want explanations about how to do it, but some tutorials or documents about how to deal with this problem

Thanks a lot!


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