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Failed to reap - because of directory not empty

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We have a lot of theese errors in splunked.log, I have searched a lot to find an solution but to no success.

ERROR DispatchReaper - Failed to reap /data/splunk/var/run/splunk/dispatch/scheduler_admin_c3BsdW5rX2FwcF93aW5kb3dzX2luZnJhc3RydWN0dXJl_RMD5ce1429bf7fcd63ea_at_1529591400_160 because of Directory not empty

Im not sure what details is needed for helping me. Its a singleserver setup and Splunk is running on RHEL. Splunk is running as the user splunk (not root), and i have checked permissions on the folders mentioned in the log.

I would appreciate any pointers you can help with, thanks!

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you might run chown -Rf splunk. /opt/splunk just to be sure.

else you could try to clean the dispatch directory.

./splunk cmd splunkd clean-dispatch help

should get you started

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