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Facing issues when scheduling the saved search

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Hello all,

I have a saved search that I want to run once every Sunday at 00:00. I have added in the query to pick the events for the last 7 days as: earliest=-7d@d latest=@m.

I have also scheduled it to run every week on Sunday at 00:00 and time range as Last 7 Days.


When I run the saved search manually it is working as expected and also when I run this by changing the schedule to run every 5 mins for last 7 days range it is able to index the data. However, when I schedule it to run once every week, even though the search is running the data is not being indexed to tier3. When I checked the job manager, the run was successfully completed but no data was pushed to tier3.


Can you please help on this.

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Hi. I am not understanding the difference between the two searches.

Can you share the exact settings in the saved search for the time?

In case you have a personalized time setting to show you events in some specific time zone ( eg your events are in UTC but you want to see the time in terms of EST) you should know that the scheduled job times are with respect to this time zone setting of the user is the scheduled job.


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