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Extracting fields from transactions that have status events


I have a couple of transactions I have created for example:

Transaction A: startswith=Begin_Process endswith=Request_Completed
Transaction B: startswith=Begin_Process endswith=Workflow_Error

and So on. However all transactions have a status called User_Info. This event can happen multiple times in a transaction. Thus if I have 12 events for transaction A, 6 of those are User_Info. I want to create a report for every transaction I get the latest User_Info Event and extract out fields such as UserName Manager, Status, Message, Transaction ID from the User_Info Event.

Can anyone provide any guidance?

Also how can I convert the transaction duration to either hours or days?

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Yes Ok that's cool however I would like to calculate and report the duration of the transactions. Mabye I can use the stats and last commands as well?

There is not a lot of training material from my 2016 class on the use of streamstats. So I will research this on splunk docs.

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You can avoid transactions and achieve this using streamstats-

<your search> | eval BEGIN_TRAN=if(like(_raw,"%Begin_Process%"),1,0) | streamstats sum(BEGIN_TRAN) as TRAN_ID | search User_Info=* | stats last(User_Info) as Last_User_Info by TRAN_ID
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