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Extracting domain name out of a url

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I am trying to field extraction working for just domains accessed on my Ironport WSAs but am having an issue extracting just the domain piece out of a url.
For example, if I do a search by top s_hostname I get the following: 0.4.channel.facebook.com 0.52.channel.facebook.com 0.57.channel.facebook.com 0.chstatic.cvcdn.com 0.gvt0.com 0.media.dorkly.cvcdn.com 0.media.todaysbigthing.cvcdn.com 0.r.msn.com 0.tqn.com 0.track.ning.com I am trying to get a regex working to strip everything out to the left of the domain name so I would only see facebook.com and not 0.4.channel.facebook.com. I am not having any luck coming up with a regex to handle this.

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Takes everything up until 3rd slash

rex field=Uri "^(?[^/]/[^/]/[^/]*)"

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Splunk Employee

There's an App for that! The URL toolbox is my absolute fav but maybe URL Parse already does the trick?

Your SPL would look like this:

`method=GET| ut_parse(referer)`  

Make sure you use the back tick so Splunk knows you are calling a macro.

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I ended up going with


Used it context it looks like

method=GET| rex field=referer "\/\/(?:[^@\/\n]+@)?(?:www\.)?(?<refdomain>[^:\/\n]+)"| stats values(refdomain)

See the extraction in action https://regex101.com/r/iVrIlL/1

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To deal with all the various examples in this thread and all other possible cases such as new domains like .london, I think it will need something more than a reasonably short regex line.

I would probably go down the route of calling a Python script to deal with the cases to my satisfaction and being able to lay out the logic in a maintainable way. Maybe there is a splunk app or add-on that provides such functionality, if not, it could make a nice exercise to create one.

A few test cases:

conductor.io.com => io.com
support.expedia.co.uk => expedia.co.uk
0.52.channel.facebook.com => facebook.com
0.52.channel.facebook.london => facebook.london

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Extraction can easily be done by some simple steps given at http://www.perlmonks.org/?node_id=670802. Various formulas are also available that can easily extract domain name from the URL using Regex who’s examples you can see at above site too. After reading if still some query remains unsolved feel free to ask..

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This can also be even more efficient (if either com.br, com.pe, com.jo):



Assuming you always want only two levels:

| rex field=s_hostname "\.(?<s_domainname>\S+\.\S+)$"

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I downvoted this post because does not work anymore. n

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Splunk Employee

Probably a more efficient regex is: (?<s_domainname>[^\.\s]+\.[^\.\s]+)$ instead.


This worked for me.

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Splunk Employee

I don think this works any more ...

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