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Extract fields from an already extracted field

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Hi all,

I'm trying to extract the filename and file ext of a windows path into to different fields. The sourcetype is CSV and the path is already extracted into a field called Threat Target File Path.

The event looks like:

10/30/15 8:01:40 AM,Z4437-E6A5-58E3,,C:\Users\u106420\Videos\WP_20140610_002.mp4,NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM,C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe

The field Threat Target File Path contains:


And I would like:

Threat Target File Name = WP_20140610_002
Threat Target File Ext = mp4

I would like 'automate' this so I'm guessing that i need to add entries into the transforms.conf and props.conf,

Is this possible and what entries would I need to get the two additional field extractions?

Many thanks for any help,

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Try this:

Inside props.conf:

REPORT-this_part_does_not_matter_but_must_come_below_whatever_created_Threat_Target_File_Path = filename_into_two_parts

Inside transforms.conf:

SOURCE_KEY="Threat Target File Path"
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Aaaargggg - all the "backslashes" have been removed 😞

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Community Manager

Hi @markwymer

Make sure to use the text editor tools in the "ask a question" UI to render special characters properly. @woodcock (thanks!) already edited your post for you, but in the future, whenever you're sharing sample code, data, search strings, conf file stanzas (especially anything with regex), etc., highlight it and click the Code Sample button. This will wrap it in a code box so it appears as it should. If you're sharing a snippet of code or regex within a sentence, you can enclose it between two back-ticks () so it appears like this!@#$%^&*%^$\*|\`

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sorry just noticed a typo. The '\' have been removed from the Path name. It should be

10/30/15 8:01:40 AM,Z4437-E6A5-58E3,,C:\Users\u112200\Videos\WP_20140610_002.mp4,NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM,C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe

and the "Threat Target File Path" is


Hopefully, this will now look better

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Nope - all the '\'s get removed!

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