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External Python Lookup not working with Splunk 8.0 with Python 3



  1. I have setup Splunk v8.0 in a separate VM and configured it to run strictly Python 3. Both my environments (Splunk v7 & Splunk v8) are wired to pull the same data for Audit/Operational logs from Azure. Despite having the same configuration for the External Lookup, I am getting NIL values in response in Splunk v8. I checked the input which was being passed to the script as well and it is not correct from what I see because that data is not present in the context of that search and other records are not being sent to the lookup script.
  2. Furthermore, when I try to execute the lookup with Splunk’s Command line Python, the script executes properly and I am able to see the logs and response as well –

    PS C:\Program Files\Splunk\etc\apps\Splunk_TA_microsoft-cloudservices\bin> & "C:\Program Files\Splunk\bin\splunk.exe" cmd python3 Transformation.py '{\"Id\":\"9afcad57-09c3-4d2d-9049-18b15e733f66\",\"Properties\":{\"PrincipalId\":\"e0572058-cc90-453d-adc9-3
    {'Name': 'read-only', 'Type': 'User'}
    /subscriptions/Azure Subscription/resourceGroups/ARC/providers/Microsoft.Web/sites/cus-fun-01

This implies that the Lookup script is compatible with Python 3 and is working with Splunk’s inbuild Python 3 interpreter but looks like something is going wrong when data is coming in when Splunk is trying to look up as part of a search. Whenever the search happens with this External Lookup in Splunk, it gives me NIL values for several records which are not part of the search context and when I try navigating to those records, Splunk doesn’t find any.

Any idea what might be the issue here?


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