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Export unlimited results from CLI search - not working


Hi. I am running a Splunk query from the CLI and would like to export the results as rawdata to a file.  When I specify a value in maxout, it honors that number and exports the correct number of events. However, I want all of the events - unlimited. So I set maxout to 0, per the documentation. When I do this, it exports nothing. The search just sits there forever, exporting nothing. Even if it's a quick and simple search. 

Here is my query:

splunk search "index=ldap earliest=01/24/2022:00:00:01 latest=01/25/2022:23:59:00" -output rawdata -maxout 0 > /mnt/splunk-backups/test/ldap-raw-test.log

 I want all events to be outputted as rawdata to the specified file.

Am I missing something?

We are running Splunk Enterprise 8.1.4.

Thanks in advance!

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