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Eval strftime not working with Linked Search


Hello! Still very new to Splunk so hoping to get some clarification.

My dashboard is currently using a post-process search as its base and filtering data from there. On my dashboard objects, I have a <link></link> which works fine until adding an eval strftime to convert the time to human readable.

Running this search as a new search manually with the eval works fine. However, the link directs to a blank search. Removing the eval statement makes the link work.

<link target="_blank">

search?q=| inputlookup io_vuln_data_lookup where $severity$ | search last_found &gt;= "$info_min_time$" AND last_found &lt;= "$info_max_time$"

| eval last_found = strftime(last_found, "%c")

| table dns_name,  last_found | where lower(state)!="fixed"


I was hoping to only do this conversion for a single dashboard object, so didn't want to convert the entire lookup. Would be amazing if I could get this search to work 🙂


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In SimpleXML, certain characters must be entered with HTML entities. (Specifically, double quotes, greater than, less than, and so on.)  More generally, GET URLs are best encoded without special characters.  So, replace | eval last_found = strftime(last_found, "%c") with


 Meanwhile I do not know how the cited URL could "works fine till."  If you are entering these in source editor, you can try replacing double quotes with &quot;, i.e.,

| eval last_found = strftime(last_found, &quot;%c&quot;)

I recommend using the visual editor, however.  There, you can enter SPL as SPL.

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