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Drop XML event data via transforms.conf

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I need to drop EventCode 4634 and 4624 with Login_type 3, how i can use nullqueue option and write the correct REGEX on transforms.conf .

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Let's assume your sourcetype is called WindowsEventSourcetype, then you will want to add some lines to that sourcetype's definition in props.conf and transforms.conf:






 A couple things to note:

  • These configurations need to be deployed to where your data is "cooked" by Splunk, not searched or the UF.  So this means these should be going to Heavy Forwarder(s) and Indexer(s) in your environment that would be ingesting this windows event log data.
  • I might be slightly off on the regular expression - I can't recall the exact format of the logs.  If you could post a couple samples I could tighten this up.  Right now the regex is doing something like, "Use multiline mode, look for EventCodes 4624 or 4634, then some more stuff, then Type 3" - I don't recall how the Login_type is labeled within these particular events from Windows.
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