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Do we have any search query which tells dashboards not being used since more than 30 days?


We are looking for some stats which tell dashboards name that are not being used since last 30 days for some clean up. as dashboards are piled upto more than 300-400.

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index=_internal sourcetype=splunkd_ui_access method=post ui/views
  | table user, req_time, file 
  | rename file as dashboard req_time as editTime


index=_internal user!="-"  sourcetype=splunkd_ui_access "en-US/app"  | rex field=referer "en-US/app/(?<app>[^/]+)/(?<dashboard>[^?/\s]+)" | search  dashboard!="job_management" dashboard!="dbinfo" dashboard!="*en-US" dashboard!="search" dashboard!="home" dashboard!="alerts" dashboard!="dashboards" dashboard!="reports" dashboard!="report" | bucket _time span=1d | stats dc(dashboard) as c by dashboard user _time