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Display table with empty values marked as NONE


I have a log file which gives me a list of physicians and insurers.

sourcetype="patientlog" id=1 physician=Kelly,Jack insurer=BCBS
sourcetype="patientlog" id=2 insurer=Medicare
sourcetype="patientlog" id=3 physician=James,Francis 

I want to create a table such that for every patient id I can list the physician and insurer.

id1      physician           insurer
1        Kelly, Jack          BCBS
2           NONE              Medicare
3        James, Francis       NONE

This is a little tricky becaues the way the log is written I cant really write out a "NONE" if I do something like

sourcetype="patientlog" physician=* insurer=* | stats physician, insurer by id

Anybody know a smart way of doing this ? I cant change the log file but I need to display empty values as "NONE" somehow

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You need to specify the field names after the value="NA" ... ie: sourcetype="patientlog" | fillnull value="NA" physician | table physician, insurer


That did not work out 😞

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sourcetype="patientlog" | fillnull value="NA" | table physician, insurer ?

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