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Display search result as a label text or non editable text on the dashboard


I am trying to retrieve and display the user name of the logged in user as a label or a non-editable text on the dashboard. 

I'm able to fetch the user name using this query (here I'm limiting this example to 'admin') -

| rest /services/authentication/current-context splunk_server=local
| where user = "admin"
| table user

This search will always return single value.

I now want to display this as a label/ non-editable text on the dashboard - For example, to display on top of the dashboard like

"Logged-in user : admin" 

Can someone please help achieve this? 

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Hi @sh254087 

If you are running the below query in the dashboard, you can set the token in the dashboard.
So, you can use the $token_a$ in your label where you want to display it.

| rest /services/authentication/current-context splunk_server=local
| where user = "admin"
| table user
<set token="token_a">$result.user$</set>

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