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Different output in execution of same splunk query.

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Hello Splunkers,
I am writing a simple splunk query to append 2 lookup.
|inputlookup test1.csv
| inputlookup append=true test2.csv
| outputlookup test1.csv

When i execute this on search, it gives me the desired result. i.e it appends the test1.csv
But when i add this to my .js

], function(
) {
var mysearch = new SearchManager({
id: "mysearch",
autostart: "false",
search: "|inputlookup test1.csv
|inputlookup append=true test2.csv
|outputlookup test1.csv
$(".button1").on("click", function (){
var ok = confirm("Are you sure?");
if (ok){
alert('attempted restart!');
} //else {
// alert('user did not click ok!');

On clicking the button, this overwrites the content of test1.csv, i.e it replaces the values in test1.csv

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