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I've been trying to resolve this since October and not getting traction.  Turning to the community for help:

I have seemingly contradictory information within the same log line makes me question- do we have an issue or not?   On the one hand, i think i do because the history command shows the search is cancelled... and I trust this information.  However, there are artifacts in the logs that make me question if the search is fully running (which appears to be true since "fully_completed_search=TRUE"... so I am now confused if we have a problem or not.)

Why do searches show fully_completed_search=TRUE and has_error_warn=FALSE when the info field (and history command) show "cancelled" and have a tag of "error"
BOTTOM LINE QUESTION: Are my searches are running correctly and returning all results or not? 


Sample _audit log search activity that I found - not sure if this gives any usable insight

Audit:[timestamp=10-01-2021 16:31:40.338, user=redacted_user, action=search, info=canceled, search_id='1633105804.108286', has_error_warn=false, fully_completed_search=true, total_run_time=18.13, event_count=0, result_count=0, available_count=0, scan_count=133645, drop_count=0, exec_time=1633105804, api_et=1633104900.000000000, api_lt=1633105800.000000000, api_index_et=N/A, api_index_lt=N/A, search_et=1633104900.000000000, search_lt=1633105800.000000000, is_realtime=0, savedsearch_name="", search_startup_time="1270", is_prjob=false, acceleration_id="98DCBC55-D36C-4671-93CD-1A950D796EC4_search_redacted_user_311d202b50b71a64", app="search", provenance="N/A", mode="historical_batch", workload_pool=standard_perf, is_proxied=false, searched_buckets=53, eliminated_buckets=0, considered_events=133645, total_slices=331408, decompressed_slices=11305, duration.command.search.index=120, invocations.command.search.index.bucketcache.hit=53, duration.command.search.index.bucketcache.hit=0, invocations.command.search.index.bucketcache.miss=0, duration.command.search.index.bucketcache.miss=0, invocations.command.search.index.bucketcache.error=0, duration.command.search.rawdata=2533, invocations.command.search.rawdata.bucketcache.hit=0, duration.command.search.rawdata.bucketcache.hit=0, invocations.command.search.rawdata.bucketcache.miss=0, duration.command.search.rawdata.bucketcache.miss=0, invocations.command.search.rawdata.bucketcache.error=0, roles='redacted', search='search index=oswinsec (EventID=7036 OR EventID=50 OR EventID=56 OR EventID=1000 OR EventID=1001) | eval my_ts2 = _time*1000 | eval indextime=_indextime |table my_ts2,EventID | rename EventID as EventCode']

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