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Hi All,
I have counts of some offers for every hour eg 9-10 30 and then 10-11 - it is 40
it should be cumulative one. For example
00- 20
02-(30+20)=50 . But it will not be accumulated in the data. It will be just
Now i have 15 days data. like this
30 th March 00- 20, 01-10,02,-20
31st March 00-10,01-15,02-15
1st April 00-10,01-20,02-15

Now firsrt dat a should be changed like thi s through splunk
30 th March 00- 20, 01-30,02,-50
31st March 00-10,01-25,02-40
1st April 00-10,01-30,02-45

Then i have to take median or average by hours.

Please help

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