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Create key value pair from a key and value column


I am not sure why I can't figure this out, been all over and each untable or makemv solution fails for this simple challenge.

I have a lookup with 3 fields
id, key, value

this will produce rows that look like the following with these headers
1, installDate, 10/15/2010
1,closeDate, 07/21,2003
2,date1, .... etc.

I want to be able to do select ids where deployed=yes InstallDate=*

I can't for the life of me figure this out

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Give this a try

| inputlookup yourlookup.csv | fields ID KEY VALUE
| eval {KEY}=VALUE | field - KEY VALUE
| stats values(*) as * by ID
| where deployed="yes" AND installDate="<whatever>"
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