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Create Alert if condition is met?

Loves-to-Learn Lots

Hi , 

I have a scenario where the files needs to be transferred for both inbound and outbound at 2 am daily. 

I need to create an alert when files are present in inbound by 2 am but missing in outbound by 2 am . 

Here is my query below. please help 

index=cas source="/bin/var/logs/log"  File 1OR File 2 OR File 3 OR File 4 Inbound 

for outbound condition is to change to outbound and File 1 represents the file that is getting transferred 

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Hi @Chinni611,

could you better describe how to recognize inbound from outbound?

in oher words; is there a string in one event? or there's a file with a different name?



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Loves-to-Learn Lots

differentiation is just by IP address for inbound (x.x.x) or not api - outbound is api.com address .File is same ( file is getting transported to both the places first inbound and later outbound) we need to track if file is present in inbound but missing in outbound at 2:01 am daily 

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Could you provide some sample data?

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