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Correlation between 3 sources with 2 IDs


I have 3 sourcetypes, and am trying to correlate them based off of 2 IDs. Here is an oversimplified example of the data and what I am trying to achive:

index=books sourcetype=titles
fields: title   title_id    queue_id

index=books sourcetype=authors
fields: author  title_id

index=books sourcetype=locations
fields: location    queue_id

What is the easiest way to get title, author, location, title_id, queue_id in one row of results, based on a search for a title?

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Re: Correlation between 3 sources with 2 IDs


index=books sourcetype=titles title=TITLE | join type=outer title_id [search index=books sourcetype=authors ]|join type=outer queue_id [search index=books sourcetype=locations]| stats count by title author location title_id queue_id

Should get you started. join's are a little ineffective, but if you make them static lookups, they would run faster.

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