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I have extracted a value out of expression but seems like it is still treated as String not integer and i cant do any math on it.
For example before applying extraction the variable was : "0.05 %" - i extracted it to 0.05 but when i do any math on it it comes with blank value - as if splunk is not considering it as integer but as string - is that possible?

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Re: Convert String to Integer


You can fix that -

| eval myInt = tonumber(myString)

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Re: Convert String to Integer


Technically, this gives you a numeric not an integer though, which seems to be what the OP wanted. For those who come here looking for actual integers you likely need to eval your expression/field with round(), floor() or ceil() depending what sort of integer you need. For example, if you were calculating a row number from a sequence number you'd need something like:

... | eval row=floor(seqno % numcols) | ...

See http://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/latest/SearchReference/CommonEvalFunctions#floor for more details.

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