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Comparing Two Lookup Files


I have two lookup files: 1) vulnerability results and 2) asset information. I want to take the vulnerability results, compare by IP to the asset information; and add device numbers to the results.

Vulnerability results (FILE 1) has a column called "IP"
Asset Information (FILE2) has columns called deviceId, POC, and scanIp.

IP and scanIp would match

Current search (which returns no results): |inputlookup FILE1|lookup FILE2 scanIp OUTPUTNEW deviceId,POC|table IP,deviceId,POC

Any ideas?

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Re: Comparing Two Lookup Files

Because the field name is different in the two lookups, you'll need to use an AS clause to alias the field you're looking up. Try this:

|inputlookup FILE1|lookup FILE2 scanIp AS IP OUTPUTNEW deviceId,POC|table IP,deviceId,POC

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