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Comparing IP Addresses for differences


Hi All,

I'm trying to create a search, to potentially be made into a monitoring rule later on.

What I am trying to achieve is a way to compare if a user has logged into his machine from a wildly different IP address.  This will be using external IP addresses only.

As an example I want to know if a user logged into the estate from an IP which wasn't the same or similar as the previous day.


User A155.123.1.1155.123.1.1
User B155.124.1.2155.125.20.2
User C155.166.2.522.18.254.56


In the table able, I have 3 users, user A and B have logged into pretty similar IP's although user B has logged in from a different one today ( this often happens in our logs ).  What I am more wanting to see is User C, who has logged into from a completely subnet IP and is not similar to their IP from the previous day. 

This is what I have so far:


index=foo (earliest=-1d@d latest=now())  
| eval TempClientIP=split(ForwardedClientIpAddress,",")
| eval ClientIP=mvindex(TempClientIP,0) 
|  eval ClientIP1=mvindex(TempClientIP,1) 
|  eval ClientIP2=mvindex(TempClientIP,2) 
| search NOT ClientIP=10.*
| where LIKE("ClientIP","ClientIP")
| eval when=if(_time<=relative_time(now(), "@d"), "Yesterday", "Today")
| chart values(ClientIP) over user by when 
|  where Yesterday!=Today



Some context regarding the search the ForwardedClientIpAddress field has 3 items inside, ClientIP + ClientIP1 are the same address, ClientIP2 is the end internal address. ClientIP can be an internal address, which is why there is a NOT to remove it from the searches.


Any help would be very much appreciated. 



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