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Compare stats of current day with previous day


Hi all!
I am currently getting stats of current day as followed
Port Count
25 25
443 75
53 990

I wanted a table like this

Port Count(Previous Day) Count(Current Day)
25 25 30
443 75 40
53 990 50

My query is like this

Index=* | stats count by port

Please confirm is it possible
Please help!

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Try like this

index=*  earliest=-1d@d latest=now 
| eval Period=if(_time>=relative_time(now(),"@d"), "Today","Yesterday")
| chart count by port Period
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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Try :
index=* | bin _time span=1d | stats count by port,_time | timewrap 1d
with a timerange of 2 days

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Hi @aqudoos,

Can you please try the following search?

index=* earliest=-d@d 
| stats count as current_day by port 
| append 
    [ search index=*  earliest=-2d@d latest=-1d@d 
    | stats count as previous_day by port] 
| stats values(current_day) as current_day values(previous_day) as previous_day by port


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