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Change command is not working for checkbox



I am trying to assign values to the token based on the values selected in the check box.
If label="All" then I am assigning new token " t1=show all files" but this value is not been displayed in the Title .
It is displaying "$t1$" as title
But if use $Shift$ in the Title then it is showing the Values based on the checkbox clicked
Please help me in finding out the reason value is not displayed for $t1$

<input type="checkbox" token="Shift" searchWhenChanged="true">
  <choice value="*">All</choice>
  <choice value="Batch Mode">Batch</choice>
  <choice value="Online Mode">Afternoon</choice>
    <condition label="All">
        <set token="t1">show all files</set>
        <set token="t2">testing</set>

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Hi @madakkas,
Try this:

     <condition match="$Shift$==&quot;*&quot;">
         <set token="t1">show all files</set>
         <set token="t2">testing</set>
          <unset token="t1"></unset>
          <unset token="t2"></unset>
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Checkboxes values passed to other panels is a known issue that you can find help for in this question:


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