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Can you help me with my sum of counts query?

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I'm trying to get the sum of spam folders and where they are quarantined by user. Is there a better way to do this, especially since the number of folders to count may start to grow. (also the below eval(count(x) + count(y)) doesn't work)

| chart eval(count(inbound_phish) +  count(inbound_spam_definite)  ) AS "Quarantine1", 
 eval(  count(inbound_bulk) + count(inbound_bulk_50)) As "Quarantine2",  count(recipient) by recipient
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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

hi @gdavid

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 | chart count(inbound_phish) as inbound_phish,  count(inbound_spam_definite) as inbound_spam_definite, count(inbound_bulk) as inbound_bulk, count(inbound_bulk_50) as inbound_bulk_50 by recipient| eval Quarantine1=inbound_phish+inbound_spam_definite ,
    Quarantine2=inbound_bulk + inbound_bulk_50| fields Quarantine1 Quarantine2  recipient
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