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Can you help me with my query that uses multiple where conditions?

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I have a search to identify when a particular server activates "hardware mode" and doesn't exit within a certain time range.

So basically, after my stats count by search, I've narrowed the results down to servers that don't report both "hardware activated" and "hardware exited" . But now, I am left with multiple servers that have 1 entry and some of these are "hardware exited", and I am trying to exclude those so I only see servers that have a message of "hardware activated" .

So my results might look like this:

server1 HW mode activated
server2 HW mode exited
server3 HW mode exited
server4 HW mode activated
server5 HW mode exited

This is what I'm using for a search to keep out servers that show BOTH messages (and my attempt to also further narrow it down to "HW Mode Activated"

| stats values(message) as message count by server
| where count < 2 AND message="HW mode activated"
| table server, message, count

What am I missing here? It says results not found, even though I do have a server that has only the message "HW mode activated" after reducing the results to those with only 1 count.

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Hi @jcleary47,
Can you try below query? Please make sure query before this is extracting message and server field.

| search message="HW mode activated"
| stats count by server
| where count < 2
| eval message="HW mode activated"
| table server, message, count

eval statement is just added in case you want message to be displayed. Hope this helps!!

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remove your where condition and see the value of count against the server and message. See what the count shows

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