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Can you help me with a problem I'm having parsing fields?

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I'm new to parsing fields in splunk. And, in truth, I'm not great at regex yet. I'm trying to parse an event in Splunk like this.

[ EVENT_NUMBER = 4768 ]

That way my selected field is Event_Number and the value is 4768. I'm considering 2 options:

  1. Parsing the field with regex. But once that's accomplished i'm not sure what config types I'd need in Splunk.
  2. Identifying the field with a simple parse/transfrom config. Again not sure what I need to accomplish this.

Any advice on the best course of action is appreciated.


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Hi TitanAE,
try to use the Splunk Field Extractor that guides you in field extraction without knowing Regexes.

You can access it in an easy way:

  • run a search,
  • identify an event wher there's the field you want to extract,
  • on this event, click on the ">" button on "i" column,
  • click on Event actions button and Extract Fields option,
  • Splunk opens a new window,
  • click on "Regular Expressions" button and then on "Next" button,
  • using your mouse select the value you want to extract,
  • add the field name and click on "Add extraction" button,,
  • check results and then "Next",
  • che if you need some exclusion and then "Next",
  • save your field (I suggest always in App),
  • "Finish"
  • usually you need ro reload page to have the field and don't fear if you don't see it immediately it needs a few time to be ready.


P.S. I suggest to study regexes: when you'll know them you'll use only them (personal experience)!

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