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Can you help me chart a statistics table on a month by month basis?



I have a search that generates a statistics table based on the timerange I select.

How can I select, lets say, a timerange of 1 year and have the statistics generated and displayed over each month? I want to avoid manually having to change the time range to select each month, view statistics, etc...

This is my search

index=autosys source=
| where status="SUCCESS"
| eval startTimeEpoch = strptime(startTime, "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S")
| eval startTimeHour = strftime(startTimeEpoch, "%H") 
| eval endTimeEpoch = strptime(endTime, "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S")
| eval endTimeHour = strftime(endTimeEpoch, "%H") 
| eventstats count(startTimeHour) AS startHourCount by startTimeHour
| eventstats count(endTimeHour) As endHourCount by endTimeHour
| eventstats count(jobName) As RunCount by jobName
| eval startHourPercent = ((startHourCount / RunCount) * 100)
| eval endHourPercent = ((endHourCount / RunCount) * 100)
| eval roundedStartHourPercent =round(startHourPercent)
| eval roundedEndHourPercent =round(endHourPercent)
| dedup startTimeHour endTimeHour
| sort -roundedStartHourPercent
| sort -roundedEndHourPercent
| table jobName startTimeHour endTimeHour 

alt text

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YOu don't show any of the calculated fields in the final output, do you really need to do those calculations? What type of reporting you're trying to do?

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