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Can you combine fields from multiple search in one table?

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I'm trying to combine fields in multiple search result in one output table as overall result, for example:

Search 1 result

Search 2 result

Output table

Hope I make the question clear.


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the example of my search are following
search 1

index=devicelogs host=IP address  check_result="*" | table time,user,check_result

result 1


search 2

index=devicelogs host=IP address  client_version="*" | table time,user,client_version

result 2

time, user, client_version

I need to combine the results into one table, which looks like:

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can you provide the searches that create those results?

try something like this to create one search:

index=index1 OR index=index2
|eval condition1=if(index="index1",condition,null())
|eval condition2=if(index="index2",condition,null())
|stats values(condition1) as condition1 values(condition2) as condtion2 by time username

or you can use join type=left username time with the two searches. however, there are limits with join.

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