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Can we display additional fields in Gantt (bar) chart pop-up box?



In Gantt chart, when we move the mouse over an event it displays a pop-up box with certain details. By default, its displays only 3 columns (_time , ScriptName, ScriptName2). Is it possible to display other columns (Duration, start-time, end time ) on pop-up box ?

Search Query:

index=_* OR index=* sourcetype=tool_lifecycle | eval ScriptName2=ScriptName | table _time ScriptName ScriptName2 Duration StartTime EndTime

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It looks like you're using the Timeline app, the documentation is found here for simpleXML options:
it doesn't look like you can add other fields.

There is a Gantt Chart app found here: https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/1741/ that can be customized.
the simpleXML would look something like (the search is a post-process called demo_search1):

      <title>Tool Lifecycle</title>
      <html encoded="1"><h2>Gantt Chart</h2>

            <div id="demo-view" class="splunk-view" data-require="app/gantt/components/gantt/gantt" data-options="{                                  
            &amp;quot;managerid&amp;quot;: &amp;quot;demo_search1&amp;quot;,                                  
            &amp;quot;startField&amp;quot;: &amp;quot;_time&amp;quot;,                                  
            &amp;quot;durationField&amp;quot;: &amp;quot;duration&amp;quot;,                                 
            &amp;quot;categoryLabel&amp;quot;: &amp;quot;ScriptName&amp;quot;,                                  
            &amp;quot;categoryField&amp;quot;: &amp;quot;ScriptName&amp;quot;,                                  
            &amp;quot;seriesLabel&amp;quot;: &amp;quot;SecondScriptName&amp;quot;,                                  
            &amp;quot;seriesField&amp;quot;: &amp;quot;ScriptName2&amp;quot;,                                  
            &amp;quot;extrasField&amp;quot;: &amp;quot;anyExtraField&amp;quot;,                                  
            &amp;quot;compact&amp;quot;: &amp;quot;true&amp;quot;                               }">
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