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Can the exact same search return different results depending on use in a search bar versus the REST API?

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this search in the search bar of splunk:

javaException=* earliest=-m@m | sort _time

returns about 100 results. My problem is, when I use splunk REST API, the exact same search does not return the same result. With:

curl -k -u user:pwd https://url:8089/services/search/jobs/export -d'search=search%20javaException%3D*%20earliest%3D-m%40m%20%7C%20sort%20_time'

I receive:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<results preview='0'>
<fieldOrder />
  <msg type="DEBUG">Configuration initialization took 48ms for /appsplunk/logiciels/list/splunk/etc</msg>
  <msg type="DEBUG">base lispy: [ AND ]</msg>
  <msg type="DEBUG">search context: user="user", app="search", bs-pathname="/appsplunk/logiciels/list/splunk/etc"</msg>
  <msg type="INFO">Your timerange was substituted based on your search string</msg>


javaException is a field extraction at search-time.
I tried other GET requests which worked well like: * earliest=-m@m | sort _time.
So I believe the field extraction javaException is the cause of my problem, but I cannot figure out why.

Can I have some help, please ?

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Is the "user" you are using in the "curl" command the same user as you are logged in when you run in the search bar? Is the Search Head where you are logged in running on the search bar the same Search Head that you are using in your curl? The answer to one of these questions is probably "no".

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Have you set up the user to have REST API access? Of not, you won't be able to get any data.

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