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Can sampling for subsearches be used to parameterize main search?


Is there a way to set sampling for subsearches separately from the main search? For example, given a search of a huge index (srcidx) like:

index=srcidx thirdparam=bar
    [ search index=srcidx param=foo
      | top 50 secondparam
      | fields secondparam
| top 50 result

The subsearch (looking for a specific value for param and returning to top 50 secondparam) in my data could be effective with a sampling rate of 1:10000, but the main search must not be sampled because I need real numbers. I see sampling can be controlled in dashboards' in SimpleXML, but I'm not sure <sampleRatio> can be set independently for subsearches.

Is there a way to adjust sampling ratios per search?

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Yes, just add this to your subsearch SPL to do a 10% sampling:

... | noop sample_ratio=10
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You could save the subsearch with the sampling set to whatever you want, then append using the savedsearch command.


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