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Can anyone please help in finding percent_rank of a field

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Can anyone please help what could be the equivalent to SQL's "percent_Rank" command in splunk

select host, count(*) "pings",
TRUNC(PERCENT_RANK(200) WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY proc_time) * 100, 2) || '%' "PingTime (% < 50 mSec)" from servers GROUP BY host ORDER BY 2 DESC
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your search
| top limit=200 proc_time by host
| eval "PingTime (% < 50 mSec)"=round(percent,2)."%"

It is like this.

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You should just be able to pipe your data to top and get what you need:
Or, if you mean percentiles, then you can use stats percX(Y) function for that:

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I am not familiar with that command but perhaps some of the functions in the link below could help?


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