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Can an already indexed field be hid globally since it can't be removed?


for GDPR compliance I need to modify a ClientIP field that is already indexed (4+ year so far) and wipe it.
Was thinking on dumping the whole index and load it to a different one, but that will blow my license with just a couple of days of data.

As it seems is not possible to delete it from index, there is any chance of hiding it from all queries or change its value globally?


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I would also appreciate more information on using summary indexes to store "transformed" data. 

The documentation on summary indexes all describe using it to store summary information. Is there any difference?

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Collect is the command how you could create summary indexes. https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/8.0.5/SearchReference/Collect
It has some restrictions e.g.with sourcetypes.
Basically you could mask _raw and fields on your queries, BUT there is a way(s) to get the original data on screen if you know what you are doing. So only way to really mask it is reindexing it.
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You want to hide all data which has the ClientIP field from searching OR just mask that field value?

Also, you could do a summary indexing to move data from one index to another index, without utilizing the license.

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I want to just mask that field value.

And where can I read more about that summary indexing?, sounds like I could transform the data on the fly?

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