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Can I use the same search but divide the results of one time frame with another?

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How can I use the same search to divide the results of a specific time frame with the total daily sum to get a percentage? My base query would be this:

(index=epackage OR index=dxprd01-epackage) flow_event=Package* 
    | stats sum(numberOfReports)

So basically I'm interested in getting the sum(numberOfReports) from 9-11am, then the sum(numberOfReports) total for the day, then divide the two and multiply by 100 (unless there's an easier way to get the percentage). I have no idea where to even start with this (or if it's even possible) so any help would be fantastic.

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You could "mark" events in your time window:

| eval criticalEvent=if(date_hour>=9 and date_hour<11,1,null())
| stats sum(criticalEvent) AS criticalCount count AS totalVolume
| eval percentage=criticalCount/totalVolume*100
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