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Can I generate a table in which I list every event with the four variables?


Hey Guys, I have the following data in Splunk. Each eventdata has 4 lines (which are seperated through newLines) and every line in a event represent the value of a variable. 

My Question: Can I generate a table in which I list every event with the four variables. The table I wont to have should look like the following excel table :




Thanks for your help!

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Hi @leon12,

I suppose that the Datum is also the timestamp of the event.

In this case, please try something like this:

|  rex "(?ms).*Description:\s(?<Description>.*).*Node:\s+(?<Node>.*).*Severity:\s+(?<Severity>.*)"
| table _time Description Node Severity

That you can test at https://regex101.com/r/tCns4x/1

If Datum isn't also the timestamp, you have two ways:

  • modify your props.conf to use Datum as timestamp (_time),
  • insert datum in the regex

I hint the first solution.



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