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Calculating Splunk data Compression Size


Hi ,

I looked the daily ingestion for an index i am seeing total data ingested in last 7 days to an index is 800 GB. When i am calculating the total raw data size its showing total raw data ingested 1626 GB and its compressed to 759 GB which is at 46%. I am not understanding if i ingested 800 GB in last 7 days how come the raw total size data came to 1626 GB ? Any inputs will be appreciated.

Query using for compression:

| dbinspect index=xyz
| fields state,id,rawSize,sizeOnDiskMB
| stats sum(rawSize) AS rawTotal, sum(sizeOnDiskMB) AS diskTotalinMB
|eval diskTotalinGB=(diskTotalinMB/1024)
| eval rawTotalinGB=(rawTotal / 1024 / 1024 / 1024) | fields - rawTotal
| eval compression=tostring(round(diskTotalinGB / rawTotalinGB * 100, 2)) + "%"
| table rawTotalinGB, diskTotalinGB, compression

Result: rawTotalinGB diskTotalinGB compression
1626.19525605347 759.39445495605 46.70%

Query used to calculate daily ingestion :
index=_internal source="license_usage.log" type=Usage idx=xyz| eval yearmonthday=strftime(_time, "%Y-%m-%d") | eval yearmonth=strftime(_time, "%Y-%m-%d") | stats sum(eval(b/1024/1024/1024)) AS volume_b by idx yearmonthday yearmonth | chart sum(volume_b) over yearmonth by idx|addcoltotals.

Which gives me total 862 GB ingestion in last 7 days.

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